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Belina Bloom, It's Time To Grow Up! by Aubrey Rothman
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 Hi there! My name is Belina Bloom, what’s yours?

Weird fact: I love words that start with the letter B. Maybe because it’s the first letter of my first and last name? But it’s also the first letter of something I love to do, and that is to make believe!! Do you have anything favourite you like to do?

It’s a new year and I’m going into grade 3. With new friends and a new teacher I’ve only ever heard of … Mrs. Warts … GULP…

But I’m beyond excited for all the fun and adventures awaiting me, and for you!

"Aubrey Rothman’s playful tale gently weaves common issues experienced by children with sage wisdom and a celebration of individuality and creativity. It is developmentally appropriate, sweet and beautifully crafted. There are lots of opportunities for discussions. It promotes the importance of imagination and for children not to feel compelled to grow up too soon…" - Melissa Cait, M. A., ABSNP, C. Psych.Psychologist
Better Buy Belina Bloom now!! We are so in love with this new book by author and illustrator Aubrey Rothman that we can’t stop talking with “Bs” and once you get your hands on this creative, original, magical and beautiful story, you won’t be able to either! As a new author, Aubrey brings joy and excitement to the story of Belina Bloom and her friends and literally pulls you into her magical adventures with his incredible illustrations and story. This book is a must-have for your child’s shelf and a must-read this spring. Kids have so many worries over this past year and this book allows them to let the world just fall away and get taken into Belina’s magical and captivating universe." - Carrie Libling, Artistic Director of Electric Moon Theatre Company, Carrie Libling Consulting